Hunt options
rates & booking

Our camp opened for the first time in the fall of 2010.  Each hunt will include complimentary food and lodging.  Breakfast and lunch food will be provided and the hunter will prepare for themselves.  A sit down meal will be prepared each evening.  Our southern cooking is sure to make every hunter sleep well each night. 

Additional harvest options:

Our additional harvest options are designed to allow the sportsman who enjoys harvesting wild animals the opportunity to go home with several memories.  There are not many places in the country that an outfitter can offer a sportsman so many options.  We are fortunate in Virginia to have such a variety of  wild animals available to hunt.  While on a deer hunt in our camp hunters may harvest other wildlife for a harvest fee.  This harvest fee will include additional whitetail deer and other species.  Please note each deer hunt base rate includes one buck. 

Black bear   $1850.00
Bobcat $200.00 each
Coyote   $200.00 each
Turkey (in season):    $250.00 each
Fox:    $200.00 each 
Second Buck:
Third Buck:   $1500.00

Deer hunts:

Come and hunt with Rock Island Creek Whitetails this fall.

Our camp will typically open for 7 weeks of hunting. The last three weeks of October and the month of November. We will hunt with any weapon that is legal based on the Virginia state game laws. 

*In-tree camera men are provided for a $150 per day premium. 
*“First Time Harvest” fee of $500 can be paid by hunters and they will be Guaranteed an opportunity on their first Buck.  If they do not get an opportunity on their buck the $500 fee is refunded. 

*Penalty Fee:  A $500 penalty will be assessed to any hunter taking a buck that does not have an inside spread of at least 15 inches.

Three Day Trophy Takers:

All of our hunts last three days. Hunters have the option to pay a fee and stay longer or return at a different time if they do not fill their tag in three days.


Early season bow $1,000.00
Pre Rut bow: $1,200.00
Rut Bow: $1,250.00
Rut Muzzleloader, rifle: $1,500.00
Post Rut Rifle: $1,350.00

Full Season Hunters:

Any hunter interesting in hunting our camp all season can purchase full season rights for $3,750.00.  This would include one buck and additional harvest fees would apply if the hunter decided to harvest more animals.  Lodging is not included in the Full Season option but can be purchased by the day.    

Turkey hunts:

Guided and semi-guided turkey hunts will be provided during the months of April and May starting in 2011.  2011 hunts will be provided with all services the camp offers.  A limited amount of 2010 semi-guided turkey hunts will be provided.  The 2010 turkey hunts will not include lodging or food.

Please note Turkey hunters are allowed to fill all three gobbler tags for the base rate. 

Semi guided hunts in 2011 on 600 acre blocks: (includes lodging)

Guided hunts in 2011: