Trophy Deer
Management Program  

We are open for deer and turkey hunting.Come hunt Illinois premier outfitter.Strict trophy management.

 For more than 10 years our family has hunted this property under a strict trophy management program and now we are open for hunters to enjoy the experience with us.

Our property consists of timberland, creek bottoms, and food plots.  We are able to hold and raise deer to the right age as our thickets and pine plantations offer the cover and natural forage deer need to maximize antler growth and provide the protection that mature bucks feel comfortable living in.  We plant a variety of crops in our food plots to offer our wildlife high protein food year round.

Our property is littered with well placed comfortable treestands.  All stands are well marked with bright eyes and ribbons marking the path to and from stands very clearly.  Each stand has appropriate shooting lanes cut to make the right shot at the right angle without the interference of tree limbs.

Our harvest standard is a minimum of eight points and at least 15 inch inside spread.  We do offer a “First Time Harvest” program for the hunter who has not previously harvested a buck.  The “First Time Harvest” program is outlined in our hunt options section.

As pictured in our photo gallery, if allowed to live to the proper age and provided with the appropriate food, Virginia whitetails can produce world class antlers.